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Coaching Parent Coaching Child

I believe children are the most precious of minds and need to be looked at as though they are…they do not enter into this world knowing everything… you do remember that don’t you.

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My book sets out to coach the parent who in turn coaches the child. This is a never ending project of wonder and delight.

Coaching Parent Coaching Child assists in the growth of becoming connected

in a new way to your child. As a parent, one of my biggest fears was that I was going to transfer my fears and weaknesses to my son. What I learned was that as long as I was aware of my fears and the what and how they showed up I was doing fine.

It was when I began noticing that I wasn’t always aware I had a fear until I was “in” it that the Wow! I had to deal with it right then with my son present, that I started the questions. Questions that guided me on my path of becoming a more consciously connected parent and brought and created a continuous sense of wonder and adventure to my life and my sons’.

Learn more about possibilities from this book as it walks you through 21 coaching opportunities for you and your child.


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