EarthDayLA 2008 Wilshire BlvdThe Bebuddies are not just cute little characters… they stand for morals, values, and support healthy ways of being in this world. AND . . . most of all, they do not like Bullies . . . whether they are young or old, individuals or corporations.

Join the “STOP Bullies!” Team

BB-sponor-web-adWe hope you will browse our site, play the online games & download  activities, posters etc, participate in the blog, and look around the health and educational programs we’ve created that help develop a healthy personal character.

With their “Be It Now!™” attitude they fit right into being “Little Life Coaches”™ (LLCs) for kids… of all ages! Sharing the building blocks of character, being in touch with ones feelings, thoughts and actions, the Bebuddies encourage us to move with each day in harmony.

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B’aware of the world around you.
Create a World in harmony full of friendly adventures to share with friends and family.