Bebuddies Activities & Games

Song and Games

BB_maizycoloringpg022807a1. Sing the Bebuddies Jingle
Follow the bouncing Carey as we all sing along with the jingle.
Activity: helps with listening, speaking and comprehension skills.
Click here to play.


maizytitle2. Color Maizy’s Balloons
Find an amazing array of activity, which includes clicking and coloring of objects. There are 16 points to click and upon finish there is a grand ending of the balloons floating away!
Activity: enhances eye and hand coordination.
Click here to play.

BB_maizycoloringpg022807a3. Let’s Pick-Up the Trash!
Keep our land clean and green! Learn from playing the pick-up trash game and see how fast you can become! There are 5 points to click pieces of trash and a lively trashcan pops its lid to receive it all with bells and whistles!
Activity: enhances eye and hand coordination and teaches to take responsibility for ones mess and to keep our earth clean.
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