Meet the Bebuddies®

Meet the Bebuddies

The Bebuddies stand for creating a healthy mind, body, spirit and world. They support causes and people who work towards positive outreach on: living a pro-green life, helping the world, literacy, fighting obesity, and the freedom to choose a positive lifestyle for yourself.

With their “Be It Now!®” attitude they fit right into being “Little Life Coaches” (LLC’s) for kids… of all ages! Sharing the building blocks of character/behavior generated by internal feelings, thoughts and actions, the Bebuddies encourage us to move forward with each day in harmony.

Their b’words and books empower children to use their personal judgment and create experiences for learning. This encourages the development of a new perspective on existing or new knowledge or a different take on the subjects. This ability creates a new meaning and reactions to words and situations. Just because “things happen” doesn’t mean you have to look at them the same all the time…you CAN change the perspective. To be the ALL you can be.
Click on the images for character descriptions of the Bebuddies!

natureclubEddy —– Forrest —- EnviroNate —– Annie —— Brooke

The Nature Club headed by EnviroNate™, b’watchful, represents the natural and built environments, and cares for the well-being of all living things and the air, water, and land they depend on. The Nature Club are: Eddy, b’change, who is not one to make light of things, floats and soars and talks to us about the weather, from sunshine to stormy skies he’s got the scoop; Forrest, b’green, who knows that plants, fungi, and bacteria are crucial components to the cycle of life; Annie, b’resourceful, who is fascinated by and loves to learn from all animals, from tiny worms to huge elephants; and Brooke, b’clear, who just loves water in all its forms, from the fragile mists to mighty oceans.

Sunny-Joy—- McCool– CareyAngel —–Tad ——– Doc

The Caring Crew headed by CareyAngel, b’kind, represents self-awareness, along with personal and interpersonal growth, and teaches the ‘how to’s” of humor, optimism, healthy living, and developmental change, she is in charge of giving out the hearts! The Caring Crew are: Sunny-Joy, b’friendly, who is ever optimistic and sees beauty and joy in even the most unpromising places; McCool , b’easy, who instills the I can do it attitude in all; Tad, b’different, who loves to explore possibilities for growth and change; and Doc, b’healthy, who just loves to learn and teach about all and everything that promotes a healthy mind, spirit, and body.

Maizy ——- Specs ——- Miss-Y ——- Pat

The Action Explorers: Finding solutions requires the help of: Specs, b’aware, who doesn’t miss a thing, he encourages us to observe everything closely, to acquire, integrate and share knowledge, and to enjoy exploring and understanding the mysterious; Miss-Y, b’curious, she encourages us to explore the power of questions and teaches us to develop a lively curiosity about both the outside world and our inner worlds; and Maizy, b’amazed, whose hands-on attitude encourages us to be part of the magic and the amazing in everyday life, she shows us how to participate in the spectacular, the awe-inspiring, and the “Wow!” that are all around us. All of their lessons are essential to the magic of discovery, to seeing, thinking about, and experiencing the world.

The Bebuddies’ enthusiasm comes from their sincere commitment to make us aware of ourselves and the world around us, from helping us to accept and assimilate what we see, or to take action to change it.

Join them in their adventures of learning and discovery.

Back row: Forrest, Maizy, Sunny-Joy, Chuckles, Eddy, Miss-Y, Pat.
Front row: Specs, CareyAngel, Tad, Doc, Annie, Brooke, EnviroNate.