Bebuddies® Adults

The parts of this site are intended for character building, education as well as fun and inspiration for the viewer.

Bebuddies are little life coaches for kids who teach a Be It Now!® attitude, through example, the learned ability to make choices with positive intentions. They help us identify characteristics / developmental traits in everyday experiences to be enhanced and/or changed to the positive.

choachingBebuddies imaginative exploration assists adults and children with a chance to learn, grow, better understand themselves, the world and each other, to think, dream and discover ‘the magic’ accessible to them while reaching their highest potential and an internal / external balance.  I wrote a book on parenting, you see “Coaching Parent Coaching Child” image to your left and can purchase from amazon. Here is the link to my book page. Their adventures explore innovative and engaging learning experiences, developing positive personality traits, observing, questioning, life and ways to enhance their own and others. Their language encourages positive actions and an awareness of intention in their voice.

Charcter Building 
The b’words, stories and activities are geared towards building strong values and character traits. Teaching inner basics as well as an outward awareness of the world we live in… that building a new perspective of self and personal confidence, can create a healthier (mental, physical and emotional) outlook on life that can be experienced on a daliy basis.

 The b’words, games, activities, WoWNews!, blog, e-cards, are all parts to a system of participation. To look, see, think, respond, and take action in the world we live in…

 Stories will cover the Caring Crew explorations of our inner, mental, physical and inspirational awareness. Stories will address everyday thoughts and help to develop a healthy attitude with solutions towards situations that “happen” to us each day through encouraging the development of learned positive compassionate responses. The ability to change perspectives and make choices based on this new knowledge.

Having addressed creating a healthier inner world, stories move outward as the Nature Patrol ventures into the mysteries and magic of our environment, our weather, our water, our plants and animals, and how to create and care for the health of our world will be topics of exploration. Creating inner and outer harmony and the ability to share it.

 The song, the visuals, e-cards and the antics of the Bebuddies create a smile and smiles are fun. Fun is a shared experience if even through a smile. Check it out… try smiling and looking people in the eye as you are shopping or walking… they will catch your ‘fun’ and usually smile back… as they are ‘seen’ through your actions.

 The b’words are intended to make the viewer think, feel, question what is deep inside of them and how they see themselves and show it to the world they live in… encouraging participation with their lives and others.

Create a personal character that will change the world!

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