Land of W.O.W.

The Land of WoW!

In a place within the reach of our dreams and imagination, lives the Bebuddies and their home named Land of WoW!™ … a World of Wonder!™ … a place where children are taught to lookout for, and help create kindness towards others and the world they live in. 

The Bebuddies are little life coaches with a Be IT Now! attitude who help us find the magic in discovering our worlds, inside and out, through positive examples… which assist children in aquiring the courage and skills necessary to b’aware of their actions and to always try and do their best – for both themselves and others.

What makes Bebuddies so special? They teach children the how to Be the WoW! in their daily lives and the how to share it with others. Through explorative experiences with the Bebuddies, children develop a strong base for their personal character, become a positive influence on others and create a world in harmony, a healthier place for all of us to live!

Bebuddies may be small but they make big plans. Once you ‘see’ them the adventures never stop. Through the magic of imagination they come alive and invite you to join them in their process of discovery. Their specialty is creating magical journeys that help you get in touch with feelings, thoughts and actions. They are committed to help each child and adult to b’aware of the the world they live in, to help protect it from harm and care for it from the heart. So join them in their search and put the Be It Now! attitude in your life

Creating a personal character that will change the world!